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To make each Hyster machine safer for the driver as well as the other work place employees, all Hyster forklifts can be equipped with many of the optional and standard features. These features consist of: audible devices, safety lights, operator restraint systems, and ergonomic operator compartments.

Visual safety devices such as LED strobe lights could help to alert others that there is a lift truck close by. There is a low-mounted strobe light which includes a shield to help prevent the light shining into the operator's eyes.

Audible warning devices like reverse operation alarms, that automatically sound when the lift truck is in reverse, warn other individuals of the presence of a lift truck within the area. A rear drive handle with horn enables the operator's hand to be secure when backing-up. This inboard handle protects the operator's hand in the event of impact and the handle has a horn which enables the driver to sound the horn without moving their hand to the main steering wheel.

The operator restraint systems help to keep the driver safe in the event of a truck flip over. The restraint system works by keeping the driver's torso and head in the cab of the truck which would help them to prevent serious injury. Anti-Cinch Seat Belt and Hip Restraints are basic features on all existing models of Yale/Hyster lift trucks. For older Yale/Hyster forklifts, safety restraint systems can be installed on nearly all units.

Superb ergonomics are available in the Hyster StanDrive E30-40HSD2 series lift trucks. Available in 3,000 or 4,000 pound capacities, these lift trucks are really strong and versatile, as well as ergonomically designed to improve production and improve operator comfort. In order to increase driver comfort and visibility, the controls allow the driver to stand in side-stance or at 45 degrees.

Hyster's E30-40XN, E45-70XN and the E70-120Z AC Power series forklifts all use AC technology. They could get practically any job completed. Hyster makes lift trucks which offer essential safety features, great speed, long battery life, and unsurpassed strength. Forklifts manufactured by the Hyster Company are adaptable to almost any application requirement which you or your business may have.

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