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Forklift Parts Flint - The city of Flint, Michigan is situated around 66 miles or 106 kms from the city of Detroit. Flint is the seventh largest city within the state with over 102,000 people based on 2010 census numbers. The city likewise serves as the seat for Genesee County. This occupies the Flint/Tri-Cities region of Michigan. Also, the county of Genesee is the entirety of Flint's metropolitan area and is the 4th largest metropolitan region in Michigan. In 2010 the population of the region was approximately 425,800.

During 1819, a prominent Detroit fur trader, Jacob Smith founded Flint. The location was a perfect location as a stopover on the overland route between the city of Detroit and Saginaw. It didn't take long for the region to grow into a significant but small village. The settlement became incorporated as the city of Flint in 1855. The name was chosen from the river running through the region. Flint established itself as a lumber center during the late 19th century. As the century drew to a close the city was able to leverage its lumbering infrastructure into a burgeoning carriage-manufacturing industry. The city of Flint soon became nicknamed "Vehicle City," because it became the biggest carriage-making center in the world. Flint was in the forefront of the new automobile trade when horse-drawn carriages gave way to the advent of automobiles.

William C. Durant founded the General Motors Corporation in 1908. The motor vehicle manufacturing and assembly soon prospered into a huge industry. Flint has remained closely tied to the automobile business throughout the 20th century. The city has ridden the wave of the industry's times of hardships and success which have happened.

Within Flint today, the major businesses comprise educational services, healthcare, manufacturing and social assistance. The auto business that was once a major part of the local economy has gone through a major decline though it still contributes to the overall economy. The main employment sectors in the city include educational services, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation equipment, accommodation and food services, social assistance and construction. Roughly 21 percent of the labor force consists of material moving and transportation workers and production.

The most popular jobs within the city of Flint where nearly all of the employees are college graduates consist of teachers, registered nurses, manufacturing and wholesale sales representatives, family, school and child social workers, pharmacists, industrial engineers, health and medical services managers, and physical therapists.

The city of Flint's major businesses consist of the companies: Genesys Health System, General Motors, McLaren medical Center, Hurley Medical Center, City of Flint, Citizens Bank, Genesee International School District, Genesee County, Flint Community, Baker College, Miller Apple LTD Partnership, Delphi, Charles Stewart Mott College, Beecher Community Schools and Carman Ainsworth Community Schools.

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