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Michigan Forklift Parts - Michigan is a state located on two peninsulas in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. It is bounded by four Great Lakes, plus Lake Saint Clair, giving it the longest freshwater shore of any political subdivision in the planet. The name Michigan came from from "mishigamaa," that means "large water" in Ojibwa.

Michigan State is the eight most heavily populated within the United States, with an approximate population of 9,000,000. It is the biggest state east of the Mississippi River, based on land area. The capital city is Lansing.

Michigan's Lower and Upper Peninsula is separated by the Straits of Mackinac. The Straits are a wide channel which connects both Lake Huron and lake Michigan. The Lower Peninsula of Michigan is in the shape of a mitten. The Upper Peninsula is a leading center for tourism and likewise boasts many natural resources. The state of Michigan is recognized for its recreational boating thanks to its position on the Great Lakes and likewise its plentiful inland ponds and lakes, which number 64,980. An individual within the state of Michigan is never farther than six miles from a body of water.

Michigan's automotive industry is extremely vital to the country's economy. Various products produced in Michigan State include aerospace, information technology, cereal products, military equipment, furniture, pizza, copper and iron. The cultivation of Christmas trees is a significant industry, with roughly 60,520 acres of land devoted to the Christmas crop. Faygo, a brand of pop, was founded within Detroit during the year 1907, and Vernors ginger ale was invented in Michigan during 1866. Two top pizza chains of the country, Little Caesars Pizza and Domino's Pizza, have their headquarters within Michigan State.

High tech is a primary source of work in Michigan State. About 568,000 inhabitants are working in high tech, with about 70,000 within the auto industry. Engineering job opportunities are especially plentiful. Michigan typically ranks third or fourth for overall research & development costs within the US. A high percentage of the state's $368 billion gross state product comes from research and development. This is higher compared to any other state.

Top research institutions in the state are the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University. Michigan State University houses the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. These institutions are part of the University Research Corridor, attracting more than $1.5 billion in development and research grants on an annual basis.

Detroit City, Michigan, is the location of Detroit Metropolitan Airport, boasting six major runways. The airport's huge maintenance facilities offer repair and service for Boeing 747s.

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