Will include apartments and retail space

Will include apartments and retail space

616 Developments’ newest project is bringing 54 market-rate apartments to the Michigan Street corridor near the Medical Mile in Grand Rapids.

The new 616 Lofts on Michigan, which will include apartments and retail space, is being built on Michigan Street NE at Eastern Avenue NE.

The developer told 24 Hour News 8 the location is important because the company wants to be in the middle of the growth that’s happening along the Michigan Street corridor.

The project differs from the company’s other properties because instead of taking an existing building and renovating it, 616 is building a brand new one from the ground up.

“We are excited to do the new construction,” said Monica Steimle, the director of development for 616 Development. “We are excited to add in pieces of sustainability… since we’re not reusing an old building, what can we add here to make sure we’re being sustainable?”

The new project will also include parking underneath the four-story building for residents and main-level parking for customers of the retail shops.

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