Small and mid-sized businesses

Small and mid-sized businesses

There may be potential for exploration drilling on property next to Hartwick Pines, which could access resources beneath the Pines. The area around the Pines and across the upper part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula has played a significant role in Michigan’s energy production for more than 80 years, and still does. Many area residents are familiar with these activities; many of them own or work for the small and mid-sized businesses engaged in gas and oil production that are based there.

If a permit is granted for a well by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, a drill rig — the iconic equipment that most associate with drilling — is placed on the site temporarily. Drilling is typically a short-term process. It can be noisy, but in many cases lasts only two weeks.

Once drilling is complete, the rig is removed and only the wellhead remains. A wellhead is pump, piping and valves that poke out of the ground above the well about six feet high to allow workers to access the well mechanics for maintenance and operations. The site around the wellhead is returned to its natural condition, often landscaped and maintained. Once in production, the well owner must comply with legal requirements that the operation’s noise cannot exceed a level that is approximately that of normal conversation in your home.

There are many benefits to Michigan residents from accessing oil and gas from under state-owned land.

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